Poker Calculator Wars Part 3 – Tournament Indicator versus PokerEdge

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Lately they of poker edge announced their questionable tracking software of the identical name now incorporated support for tournaments. This means that whenever a person on their own database plays inside a tournament individuals statistics is now able to examined individually as tournaments stats ought to be.

Fundamental essentials type of statistics that both Tournament Indicator and Poker Edge collect: VPIP%, PFR%, WSD%, and WSDW%. Tournament Indicator also adds a statistic known as WIN% meaning the proportion of hands won that might or might not are gone for good inside a showdown.

Okay so what do these statistics represent when you’re playing somebody in a table and searching up their stats? Let us say your attacker shows 35% VPIP and 35% PFR on Tournament indicator and poker edge that is generally quite loose and incredibly aggressive for tournament play. Well the issue with this type of general information is it really does not connect with tournament participate in the feeling of it being valuable for you. For example, that information was likely collected during an occasion when that player was short stacked, and ultra aggressive was his best strategy. Actually, general tournament statistics like this can vary from questionable to downright misleading. The actual value in tournament statistics is what is happening lately, unless of course you are able to qualify individuals actions having a players’ stack or mzone situation.

Should you choose happen see tournament statistics on Poker Edge, (that’s a slim database because the software programs are mainly for ring games), you’ll find general data that’s very similar as with the Tournament Indicator primary stats window. However, Tournament Indicator goes much more descriptive as possible simply click the players name and obtain past that player’s stats split into mzone groups that player is at when individuals stats were collected.

When we return to this same example, we’re able to discover that the gamer having a 35PFR% really elevated only 10 hands altogether, 6 which were from his red mzone (desperate stack) which strongly skewed his information. Omitting that, the remainder of his stats indicate he’s a very tight player. Now no that’s more relevant? It’s not only relevant, it relates to analysis that Poker-Edge just can’t provide.

Since Tournament Indicator breaks lower opponent statistics into mzones, you’ll be able to rationalize the other person’s strategies in a single easy glance. It is now true you will not frequently encounter exactly the same player from tournament to tournament, however if you simply allow it to be deep, then chances are you is going to be sitting down in a table with several players you’ve already entered pathways within exactly the same tournament! Additionally, you will have in all probability info on them from various mzones too.

There are several additional technical variations backward and forward that might help the decision making process. The primary difference because Poker-edge is really a screen scraper meaning you haven’t any versatility in resizing your poker table, nor are you able to make the most of all of the background options your poker network offer. Screen scraping does mean when you cover your on-screen poker table, even partly with every other program you’ve open on your pc, Poker-edge will forfeit all studying abilities.

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